HSBC Community Partnership Programme


Building community capital, unleashing community potential

HSBC believes in the potential of and is committed to invest in the communities we serve. Since its establishment in 1865, the Bank has always been an active member of the community.
In Hong Kong, HSBC has contributed over HKD1.4 billion to support a wide array of education, environment and community initiatives through the Hongkong Bank Foundation. Annually, the Foundation supports about 400 community projects, which benefits more than 600,000 people. Through these initiatives, our employees contribute some 75,000 hours to serving people in need.

About the programme

Among the various initiatives under the Foundation's auspices is the District Community Programme (DCP), which has provided small project grants to support community programmes at the district level since 1992.
Commencing 2012, to further support district-based initiatives, HSBC has launched the HSBC Community Partnership Programme in Hong Kong to foster a more inclusive society. A budget of HKD18 million has been set aside, of which at least HKD3 million is allocated for the District Community Programme and up to HKD15 million is allocated for Community Partnership Programme projects. HSBC has appointed HKCSS to administer the applications and monitor the grant projects.

Programme timetable

Community Partnership Programme Funding

Application Period: 27 April - 22 May 2015
Result Announcement: July 2015

District Community Programme

1st Cycle
Application Period: 13 April - 4 May 2015
Result Announcement: June 2015

2nd Cycle
Application Period: 27 July - 14 August 2015
Result Announcement: September 2015



Strategic partners

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